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Messages posted by: Peter Rossetti
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Sign me up, I'm in.
Also to the sellers agent. that video i send you in an email and ask you to forward to your client selling the house, please actually do that. The video tells them how to prepare for the inspection.

I hate it when it goes something like:
oh hello mr inspector is it ok if me and my kids and their preteen friends stay during the home inspection. we plan on packing and stacking boxes in front of the electric panel and attic access. if you need help just ask my little one, he's already crawled over and is rifling through your toolbox. The dogs are out back, be careful they bite... That's why we haven't picked up the poop in months. Oh you say the buyers are coming, would it be ok if we awkwardly look over their shoulder when you review the report.
Let the Seller know not to prematurely freak out when the inspection is completed; especially if the buyers agent sends over the report before the amendment. Just because its in the inspection report doesn't mean the buyer is going to ask for repairs or even care.

I inspected a house with a huge amount of hidden electrical issues. if the seller got the report they may have about shat themselves thinking they are never going to sell their house. The buyer was a master electrician and couldn't care less about the electrical issues. my buyer was afraid of heights and wanted the gutters cleaned prior to closing... you never know whats going to happen so just wait until its in writing before you freak out.
I'm signed up and my room is already booked. I'll call the hotel now and let them know about my upgrade that's on its way.
Somebody left the windows open for a while at this vacant house
Apple has mastered the paradox of choice brilliantly explained by Barry Schwartz at his Ted Talk. you can watch the video here

if you ever wondered why you were unhappy after buying something you chose from a mountain of choices this is the video for you. he explains why more choices ultimately leads to less consumer satisfaction.

look at apple you have choices big or little and lots of storage or tons of storage. just enough to choose from based on your needs but all the same processing power with each choice so you really only choose the things that affect your needs. they are pretty smart that way.

with all that said, I'm still an Android
the whole thing is crazy. Someone would have to follow the patent to the letter to be sued for it. if anyone has read it you know you would not accidentally infringe on it. it also includes the use of a specific piece of equipment to hold the camera which no one would have unless they were infringing on the patent intentionally. if that was the case that person would deserve to be sued.

Nick knew the original claim was bogus but wanted to capitalize on it. it his own fault and he is probably going to have to pay for it. He should have just let the original ordeal play itself out and it would have been exposed for its ridiculousness a long time ago. In my opinion it's because of Nick the whole thing was blown out of proportion.
The future of home inspection at the 20+ year mark:
online booking 100% of the time with credit prepayment through the newly improved ISN v.2035.
all terrain drones are inspecting the crawlspace so we don't have too anymore.
sewer scopes are a thing of the past. you just flush a disposable WiFi enabled sewer cam that relays the footage direct to your inspection.
roof inspections, site survey and a drainage analysis of the property are done with your aerial drone.
a rumba style rolling robot will go room to room checking outlets and measuring any foundation movement.
the radon test equipment will also either be disposable WiFi enabled or delivered and retrieved via aerial drone.
our self driven google car will allow us time to pre-program the inspection drones on the way to the inspection.
we will show up, look at the house with human eyes to confirm findings and be in and out within the hour.
the inspection will become terribly monotonous but will be much more detailed and accurate. We will be able to do 8 or so a day per inspector.

someone will come up with a UV camera for something or other, probably under some kind of RWS urine and blood stain protection plan warranty

I'm not sure what will happen within the next 20 years but I'm looking forward to finding out.
sorry, I fell of the planet for a few days.

essentially you need it warn in the house and you wrap the condenser.

I use some verbiage like: Due to low outdoor temperatures a compressor check was performed on the AC unit. The unit is functional evident by warm air flowing from the outside unit and a temperature differential in the refrigerant lines. the AC condensate line was not tested due to low temperatures.

Properly working... how should i know when its that cold out. I don't do a full inspection at these temperatures. There is a process I follow that will let me know if the compressor is working.
Kevin M, you must not have a huge Italian family that loves the holidays

from what I've seen/read/experienced it is more likely for the evaporator coil to freeze before any damage to the compressor happens in my scenario.
it would be more potentially damaging to the compressor to run the house down to 58 degrees if its 90 degrees outside than it would be to run it during my Thanksgiving scenario.
do a full home inspection with your load&dye test. if nothing shows up let him know he will have coverage from Sewer|Guard free for 90 days. he can also extend the coverage beyond that if he wants.
BBrinke, what is normal? Is it really outside normal operating temperatures?
Case in point. Thanksgiving day. double oven is on, all the burners on the stove are going. house is packed to capacity with so many people the fire marshal would cry. kids are running around and the thermostat reads 78 and is fast approaching 80 and beyond. its lets say 35 degrees outside. Do you say no to your guests when they say turn on the air? I don't, I just turn on the air.
I didnt buy them but it looks like your slacking Nathan!

ultimatehomebooks.com, ultimatehomebook.com, 1yrwarranty.com,
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