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Messages posted by: Bob Murphy
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Interesting video at the end. I guess now we should all wear a hard hat and a suit and tie. What a fashion statement!
Yes gas was locked off. I did recommend that a licensed plumber or gas company should check it out. Someday someone is going to decide to hook the grill up to that for free gas.
Anyone have an idea the purpose of this??
It appears that it is an additional tap on the gas line. Installed before the main shut off below the meter.
I've inspected several houses in this development over the years, first time I've come across this.
Here in the Washington DC area is is not at that unusual for the clients identity to remain private. In that case the agent is given power of attorney and everything goes through them.

There have been times when I had no idea who I was inspecting for at the time (and still don't). More than once I have been surprised upon discovering who owns the house while doing the inspection.
Jeremiah that is an interesting system. Curious about the inspection cap myself.

With the deck I mentioned.
The "contractor" and listing agent swore they had permits and inspections. Agent emailed what she called the permit. It was only the plan drawings.
Which showed footings 18x18x36 with metal base collars set at grade. Apparently they were not capable of following their own plan.

I had my client forward the drawings to me, I referenced them and included them in my report
If your deck posts rot, you can just cut them off and wedge temporary footings underneath them right??

Apparently its my week for decks
Yes. I see post below grade here all the time. The most I can do is recommend they confirm proper footings etc. This one was in DC. Which is usually where I often find all the real good stuff!
Talk about the perfect inspection time. Check out these "footings". These guys just built the deck. Now they are installing what they called footings. Dig a hole, pour in a few bags of Sakrete, add water, cover with dirt. Works every time!
Anytime I see a painted crawlspace or attic it is either mold treatment or covering previous fire damage.
This just reminded me of the time I was closing the garage door.
Just after I pressed the button I heard my client say " Don't we have to test the pressure reverse?"
Before I could yell "Don't do that!" He threw his shoulder under it and forced it to stop. You can guess what happened next ! You can likely even hear that sickening crunching metal sound, can't you?
He then turned to his agent and said "Well they're going to have to fix that, It wasn't installed correctly"

Not sure how they ever worked that one out.

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