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Messages posted by: DBJ Home Inspections
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Attaching a screenshot of the test. Says ecoli and coliform bacteria were present. So I was just wondering what they can do to rectify the issue, if there's an easy fix or if they would have to have a new well dug. If it's a costly issue, i'm leaning toward telling them to just switch over to city water since city water is in the area.
First time I've had one come back failed, what do they have to do? They're asking me and not sure what to tell them? Thanks for any help!
Been hard to get on here recently, been slammed!
I went with the Extech, it's on it's way, i'll let ya'll know how it is when it gets here.
SheehanThomson wrote:I just bought the Extech. It is a little larger than my GE Protimeter. Still fits in my 5.11 tactical pants though. I just can't fit my voltage test in there too.

Cool. I wear a little electricians pouch on me, as long as it fits in there I'll be happy.
Mike Casey wrote:The below are pretty cool:


Or the Protimeter (GE) survey master, it has pin and pinless and the green-yellow-red scale you want - but only if you can find an older yellow one, the new ones are digital only. Like this one:


They are painless if you don't jab the pins into your fingers.

Sweet, thanks Mike, that extech is exactly what I was looking for, didn't know they had one that had the colored led scale on it, but wanted something new that I could preferably get from inspectorshop so I could just order it and bill it to my account, thanks again!
What are you all using for a moisture meter? I want one that has pins and painless option and shows colors, it's so much easier to show a customer that it's "in the red" than to explain that it's over 20% and blah blah and works better for pics too. Currently using a protimeter mini that is only pin style and want to upgrade. Any help is appreciated, thanks!
Nathan wrote:I've never heard about that anywhere and I'm pretty familiar with inspection licensing and regulation.

I would be blown away.

Nathan, it's true, every city/County wants money to be able to do business there, bunch of greedy bastards. They call it a business license, but it's really a tax to do business. If you get caught doing business without their "license" you'll be fined.
It's super cool, definitely like the one liner idea, but I'm not good with coming up with those or I would help.
I'd definitely rock an ISG shirt!
I know this is old, but I'll be borrowing this
I love RecallChek, but sadly I don't know of any of my customers that have actually followed through with it. Maybe 1. I guess the saying, you can lead a horse to water but can't force it to drink applies.
I need to start doing this.
Okay, let's try that again, phone died before I could put in other posts, lol
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