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Messages posted by: Juan Jimenez
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While, it's a little different, there is nothing wrong with it. I prefer to see them without nails.
Dom D'Agostino wrote:I'm sure you can search for more specifics, here is some info:


4. Registrants shall not knowingly permit a real estate broker or salesperson (as defined in M.G.L. c 112, § 87PP) to directly recommend his/her services. This prohibition shall not apply if there is a written contractual agreement or a written agency disclosure between a specific buyer and the real estate broker specifying the real estate broker is acting exclusively for the buyer as a Buyer's Broker.

Sounds like its completely legal as long as the agent and the client have a contract saying the they working on the clients interest. You're telling me agents don't make clients sign contracts like that in Mass?
HomeInspectorHere wrote:Thank you everyone for your suggestions they really help! And Juan, I live in Missouri, here it is illigal for agents to recommend a home inspector due to liability issues, I wish it wasn't lol.

Thanks again, everyone!

Can you show me that law?
Dom D'Agostino wrote:
Juan Jimenez wrote:Where is it illegal for a Realtor to recommend an inspector?

Massachusetts, for one.

Can you show me that law?
Where is it illegal for a Realtor to recommend an inspector?
Who would you tell? In my opinion it is the buyers responsibility to do something at this point, not yours. When they receive the test results, it will show that your father did them. If they are smart, they will request a test from a third party. If they don't do anything that is on them.
I don't have different comments for metal or plastic. It isn't matter of good vs. bad, it is a matter of bad vs. worse. I don't recommend a plumber, because they can't inspect it any better than I can. I just recommend considering replacement.
When you don't walk the roof, how do you disclaim it? How do you let the know the clients that its possible that defects exist that you could not observe from the ground or eaves?
Maybe its for the seller side?
Wow I didn't expect to see Nick here
Nathan wrote:
So I'm torn- all I know is if the outcome is a single association whichever it may be, it should not be the result of a fumbled legal issue, it should be the Will of participants in the industry.

It can be both. The will of the participants is known. ASHI is going down. The legal issue would only be an accelerator.
Well I hope they fight him, and lose and then we can be done with them.
They're going to risk 3 mil over a website. Aren't they almost in the same boat as ASHI. They're almost done and they want this to be the coup de grace?
William Chandler wrote: Our comment going forward is....Excluded, consult with a certified chimney sweep before use.

That is a good plan.
Jeremiah Anderson wrote:

Juan has completed the one week class and is our resident expert.

I did, and a few more classes after that, but I am not an expert by any means. I do know the difference between a level 1, 2 and 3 though

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