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Messages posted by: Gskeeters
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This business is rapidly changing and then again many old business practices will always remain. On site reporting will be the norm . New technology that allows us to use a camera with talk to type technology that will place comments under the pictures will streamline the process.
IR will become a normal added service and auxiliary services will be abundant ..... Recall check with appliance operational inspections, sewer line scoping, septic inspections, mold testing, pool inspections and the biggie will be Radon testing required. More video in reports and finally service level choices to custom fit every inspection.
Small operations will always be dominant as there are many rural areas that will not allow the overhead of a larger operation to compete and clients are attracted to the "local" business persons.

More women will be in this business and our fee structure will reflect the level of service provided.

The future of this business looks very good and those who embrace the technology and added value services will secure their place.

ISG has figured this out and the many services they offer allow even the smallest inspection firm to win big!!!
Slowed down for me this month. After a large home friday we will have completed 20 for october. Last year we did 15 so no complaints
Good idea. Im confident its in the settings or an apple IOS issue. I can take pics just cant hit zoom or it shuts down
I have a new spectoscope with samsung wifi 150 camera. Download the sansung app and can connect with wifi, open the ap and take pictures BUT when i try and zoom in using the control on my iphone or i tried the ipad the system shuts down??? Any ideas?
Be interested to see what you are thinking as i can see if you tie in the basement to the exsisting plumbing vent you could actually allow radon to back draft into the home. Also when plumbing is draining and the system pulls air in the roof vent it will also pull from the new connection. This could actually create neg air in basement amplyfying the radon drawn into the home.
Just some things to consider while you seek your fortune... Lol
Just did a test from my iphone andnit worked smooth. Looks like you guys have taken care of it for now. As always top notch all the way!!!! Thanks
Good feed back, thanks. I have actually had lunch with the saturday morning home improvement radio guy and we are discussing a segment on how home inspections impact the purchase of a home and the need and long term impact of a yearly maintenance inspection and services. I have decieded that in this market you have to become the "resident expert" if you want to control/dominate market share especially in the broad rural market areas i cover
Seems to me that with this potential health risk, like air bags on a car, it should be written into the building code and can be installed during construction to eliminate any doubt. Lets face it testing at 3.9 today can easily be 15.5 next week or month and thus the owner can have a false sense of security with a low or margional test.
I suggest yearly testing to all my clients and explain why and this is driving some yearly reoccuring business.
Just wondering those like me who are very structured and regimented ...... Have you in some way standardized your interior cosmetic/general maintenance list for inspecting? How do you stay consistant? Do you mention loose door knobs, missing door stops etc?
Just wondering as i have deciedid to write a general interior cosmetic and general list disclaimer into my report...
I have att and it creates several glitches with ISN. In the field using my ipad i cant take orders and add the agents as it will not auto aerce them in my data base. They say its att only... Anyone else have this frustrating issue??? Post 10
Im not in for that but would like to see more info on mild testing and the opportunities..... Would love to add if i can create the market as not many here even talk about it yet i find weekly in the many many crawl spaces i do. Post 9
Your call but i think it's quite clear. Maintenance is service for longer life/better operation and defect is broken, not operating properly, missing, etc...... ALWAYS tell clients to read entire report as many items may not be in the aummary or red that are important to the home.... Post 8
Yeah i advise adding an access and definately more ventilation. I referance energy cost and difficulty climbing up and removing gable vent just to inspect attic or do work. You did good! Post 6
So i am using 4 1027 sn machines and love them. Just purchased 4 more from an old inspector as that business keeps growing. I believe this is a very good service that is untapped in many areas and i am teaching local clases on it and the business keeps growing. Thinking of running a commercial during the local sunday morning homes showcase show to briefly talk about the concern of radon in our area and offer my number for more info...... What do thou thinkist???
Did hit a slow spot two weeks ago but had 6 for this week and already acheduled 4 next.... Its likely sputtering out to winter norms... Post 4
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