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Need ideas or a better training program for getting inspectors trained faster. It is taking to long for inspectors to complete their online training and I do not have an office were they can come in for hours a day.
I onsite train too but because of geographical locations and limited time onsite and trainee availability there only getting a few inspections a week.

I have a several unused domain names like utahradoninspections.com and brightonhomeinspections.com that need to go live or have a page developed. Who can help with that? and what would be best? a landing page with a "schedule now" link or simply point these domains to our main website?
Where can I find CIE standards of practice?
You should get new construction inspected. See recent article about shortage of building code inspectors. https://www.ksl.com/article/46644130/number-of-inspectors-isnt-keeping-up-with-home-construction-in-utah
I'd like to get this message to new home buyers
Yes I agree CIE sets www.brightoninspections.com apart from our competition!
We tell clients to call when snow comes off roof and we will come back out for free. But they rarely call to schedule.
jtroth wrote:Ohio will be starting licensing for home inspectors soon. Part of the law is that real estate agents if they refer home inspectors must refer at least three. Or the real estate agent is to refer/recommend none.

To refer none is a downgrade in providing service to the client.

No matter what the home needs to online searches and be certain to look for lots of reviews.
Home buyers also need to be certain that they are selecting a home inspection company that provides warranties. Some home inspectors will tell you that warranties are not valuable. The warranties do have value. Lot of value.

A home inspection company that provides warranties is a company that wants to protect clients the best possible.

I agree with you Jim. It is a disservice to an agents client not to research and recommend an inspection company.
www.brightoninspections.com test indoor air quality, Mold, Radon and VOC's. We also can test for asbestos, lead based paint and meth
Will test down to 50F
Peter Rossetti wrote:Nathan brought this up on a FB post last night. It doesn't get too cold here in Atlanta but I have still tested air conditioners down as low as 19 degrees.
I'm not sure why the fear of testing below a certain temperature is so widespread and why the fear is spreading faster than the education on how to properly test.

For those that wont test, Why? post your reasons here, I'm curious what you tell your clients and agents. and please don't use the "it's in my standards excuse" most of the standards are a joke anyway(another topic). If you do test the AC don't give out the process just yet...

I test down to 50F only. I figure if something goes wrong someone won't blame me for operating it below manufactures recommendations.
Looking for web site content on mold. I need a new mold page. Any ideas?
Pete Campbell wrote:$50 s+h ? HS!

their kits come with pre-paid mailers.

First time using ETR lab so I did not have pre-paid mailers yet. I usually use a lab in Salt Lake City but thought I'd try this one. They were less expensive, greater testing detail and quicker turn around time. I only contacted them the day before shipping. They pulled it off with out a hitch. I sent 3 samples FedEx over night on cold packs. It was about $50.

I did purchase a dozen kits with mailers for future use. For basic water testing I am charging $195 that covers FHA requirements (Bankers still asking for this service) Comprehensive testing I plan on charging $245 and it includes Radon!

Client had their lab results in about 28 hours from sample collection!
Pete Campbell wrote:you only made $54

$50 in shipping. First time using that lab. Quoted a price in the dark. Customer was very happy.
It was just one of the services we performed.
Pete Campbell wrote:
photoutah wrote:I just sent a water sample to ETR labs. I charged $249

which test did you order?

It was the Comprehensive Test
I started with 3D years ago. It crashed my computer and was expensive fees. I've been with HG for 6 years. Love it. Totally customizable. Use a full windows version tablet start to finish. FYI. I have heard good about 3D in recent years, but am very happy with HG. I don't know if there is a great difference between any of them.
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