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Messages posted by: Dominic Maricic
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Home Inspector Pro 4.5.4 is now out! We are the first software company in the industry to allow inspectors to perform Department of Energy Home Energy Scores! This is HUUUGE! The FHA will give all buyers 2% more $$ if the home has a 6 or above. If it has less than a 6 they can roll the costs of improvement into the loan. MLS databases around the country are now adding Home Energy Score fields into their listings which means real estate sites like Realtor.com will start showing this soon as well.

To download HIP 4.5.4 log into our site (http://www.HomeInspectorPro.com) and click on Home Inspector Pro Downloads on the left.

Other new updates & fixes in 4.5.4.


New Feature: Home Energy Score integration with partnership from Department of Energy!!!

New Feature: Advanced colors data is sent to mobile so HIP Mobile can display advanced colors (in edit mode). The HIP Mobile version that goes with this will be released shortly.

New Feature: Incomplete items list! Go to Report Settings->Incomplete Items to see tabs that haven't had a rating checked (if using ratings) or visited if not. Double click a tab to change it's status if needed.

New Feature: If all items in a section have been completed, a check mark is added to the menu.

New Feature: The coloring state of tabs/menus will save with the inspection and transfer from mobile.

Bug Fix: RecallChek data clears between inspections being opened.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue with Lists disappearing when editing comments. This was occurring occasionally when there was no space between the list and following text.

Bug Fix: Fixed issue where videos were not renamed properly when merging inspections together.

Bug Fix: Advanced colors can be applied to newly added comments. Had to add comment, then edit previously.

Bug Fix: Prevent videos from freezing when clicking preview repeatedly.

Bug Fix: Temp directories properly deleted when closing HIP after using the merge feature.

Bug Fix: Videos from one inspection were being stored in the next if HIP wasn't closed out in between opening two different inspection files.

Bug Fix: Last page of the report had shared the header page border if not printing in continuous mode.

Bug Fix: Video preview wasn't always playing on a Mac.

Bug Fix: RecallChek serial and model data wasn't sending properly if there was a leading space in the data being submitted.
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Home Inspector Pro is the Premier Home Inspection Software currently used by thousands of inspectors in 19 countries and in 9 different languages! It's also the only software to run natively on Windows, Mac and Android, iPhone and iPad!

Our software comes standard with templates for residential, commercial, mold, septic, pool, radon, fire door and dozens of additional templates! We also have templates in English, Spanish, French and Czech!

The average inspector saves over 30 minutes per report when switching from other software. If you're taking hours to do your report every night, it's time to switch! Our library importers will convert your HomeGauge, 3D and InspectVue templates into a Home Inspector Pro template so you can be up and running asap!

If you haven't already tried out Home Inspector Pro, now is your time. Download by clicking here:

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Dominic Maricic
President of Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

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3 new features and 1 bug fix added to our issue tracker in the last hour. Damn you guys are demanding!
SheehanThomson wrote:Correct

Okay, I'll add it into our issue tracking system. I'd forgotten about this and haven't heard about it in quite awhil. Thanks.
SheehanThomson wrote:I use ISN; was not aware that you could do it through HIP website. Interesting.

BTW, the time stamp on my report uploads when the inspection is at 12 pm still shows up as 0:00 PM

This is when importing from ISN right?
You upload your report via the cloud option under Report -> Upload Report to HIP and clients and agents get emailed a link to your report. You get notified when they view it. Agents can log in and view all reports you've ever done for them or use the direct link. If you're using ISN though there's no reason to use this as ISN has 1000x more advanced features which is why we fully integrate with them.
homespectors wrote:Does the latest version of HIP do online viewing? My complaints with HG are mainly with their lack of openness and customer service. I do like the online viewing, and love the find next features so I know everything in the report is complete. This keeps us compliant with all the state requirements.

HIP has done online viewing for 10 years. It also integrates directly into ISN. It's also the only software with video in the pdf and a pop-up integrated glossary.
Pete Campbell wrote:I would like an EASY way to mark an item as Minor or Major so they are grouped like that in Summary.

HIP does not offer this.

HIP definitely offers this. It sounds like you need to call in and ask for some help!
1. The built in Mac PDF reader doesn't support all annotations that most readers do. Because of this most Mac users have Adobe Reader installed. If you install Adobe Reader for Mac you'll see the annotations.

2. The Mac version is about a month behind the Windows version which is when that feature was added. We had a few small issues that Windows users found that I have been fixing before releasing the Mac version. You'll typically find that the Mac version is about a month behind due to the extra coding needed to get it out.
Fixed in the beta that we're about to make public. Thanks for helping track it down guys!
Chad D wrote:Does anybody use HIP on a Mac? I'm having a hard time finding where Apple stores the videos so I can load it up. Any help would be appreciated.

Where did the videos come from in the first place?
Isaacq wrote:I was thinking maybe about pics that dont do justice, you know making a short vid clip. or a quick walk around of house. or odd noises from units that dont come out on pics (lol).

When in HIP mobile, i am limited to taking pics in that section of report. Do i switch over to video on phone (off of HIP mobile) to take vids then add them on later in computer software?

For right now take the video outside of HIP Mobile and add them on the desktop. We'll have the video integration into HIP Mobile done here once the mass upgrading to HIP 4 subsides and I can focus on other things!
I don't have any good examples yet unless you want to see videos of my cat running around the house. HIP 4 was just released a few days ago so I was waiting for Isaac to make me some good sample reports!
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