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I do use graphics in the reports. My intent is to use it to better to describe to clients what I may be seeing when we are at the inspection. Especially when looking at exterior and roofs out of reach.
Yes received it.

Impression "A little less advertising and perhaps some more commentary, information, articles...

I'm looking for a decent laser pointer to use on inspections. I'm trying to find one that works in daylight and on surfaces such as cladding, or brick or roofs.

I've tried a few cheap ones and the beams don't always show up, especially on exterior and in daylight.

Wondering if anyone uses one that they know works well.


Tim Zenobia
Protect Inspect
I'd actually like to know your thoughts. I'm an inspector and I'm purchasing my own home this month. I can choose a free home warranty for a year or a credit on my closing of a couple hundred bucks... Would pursue a warranty if there are good ones out there!
I just started following this post and have been thinking about this marketing ploy as of late....heard about it from a bird..

So Nathan, I am very interested to know what are you doing at 3500 offices a month? Just an office visit? Who do you speak with? The receptionist? Thanks for your input, I'm just beginning to branch out and am not sure how to spend/waste my hard earned money!
Have you every used it?
I'm looking for a good home warranty company other than HMS. My agent is trying to push that one and I have had bad experiences with them in the past. That is...finding ways not to cover something or having a lot of hidden fees.

Hopefully one that you yourself have had a good experience with.
I'm closing on my house this Friday but as an inspector I'm just rather skeptical about home warranty companies...

Thank you!
Any experience with good companies other than HMS? My agent keeps trying to push HMS on me and I have only had bad experiences with them in the past. I would really like to know if there are any good companies that aren't trying to get out of replacing items or that have lots of hidden fees.

Thanks in Advance.
I've been looking for a home in Northern Virginia for a few months now and just yesterday put a contract on a property.

I'm wondering your perspectives on being my own inspector. I'm sure some of you have been in the same situation.
My main concerns are
1. I don't do it and hire someone who does a poor job.
2. The fact that it's my name on the report and the property contract creates suspicion for the sellers that I may be ramping up or exaggerating the report to benefit myself.

I inspected a townhome today that smelled strongly like skunk on the main and lower levels. There was no skunk smell outside the home and no porch or deck for a skunk to hide under.

The basement full bath was recently remodeled and I also learned that the shower pan and drain was recently repaired in the basement shower.
Is there a possibility that something was done incorrectly in the basement with the shower and sewer smells are escaping through drains? I wasn't sure those normally smell like skunk though.

The owners also had a number of candles lit in the home, seemingly to disguise the smell.

Thoughts are appreciated. I don't even know who to recommend for such an issue but I'm concerned it may be serious with dwv system.

Tim Zenobia Protect-Inspect
Thanks for your replies. I did make a number of recommendations to the buyers concerning the basement which I'm not sure they followed. The carpet was moist in one area and there were areas where paneling was warped and recently repaired. I noted a potential major concern with moisture entry in the basement and recommended further review prior to settlement.

Apparently the buyers uncovered massive foundation problems behind the recent remodeled walls and paneling when they gutted the basement after moving in. The inspection was performed in Washington DC which is a full disclosure state so I think that is why they are pursuing the sellers...I was recently told they sellers Son performed the basement remodel


I was recently contacted by a law firm and asked to be an expert witness in a case involving a home that I inspected about 16 months ago. They are requesting my certifications and education resume which I would not have any trouble providing them. I asked whether or not I was being sued or targeted for my inspection and the answer was no. The attorney said that the buyers are suing the sellers for not disclosing known defects (which were found behind basement walls and paneling during a remodel.

Does anyone have experience with or advice about this sort of thing? Its the first time I have been contacted by anyone ever concerning such an issue.

If I accept this request, am I opening up the possibility for trouble or to be sued later on down the road?

Thanks for any insight.

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