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Messages posted by: Bonnielelak
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Yes we do Nathan, but we also know they won't answer their phones until 9am or after 5pm..... and when there's an emergency it is usually when we are trying to get up and running for the day at 5am. Thanks for your help in the situation!!! I knew I could depend on you to get the word out and maybe get them notified of the problem.
Decals will have to do for the time being.
Increasing my posting time.
I don't mess with them if I can help it....
I would want the potential buyers to know.
I try not to judge, but find myself wondering about them. I know it affects my decision sometimes when working with people. Yet some of the best people with the biggest hearts I know have tattoos.
They look like an awesome give away! Can't wait to get one in hand.
Thanks for the info. I never would have thought about this and we have been known to keep the fan in on position to keep the air moving better. Lesson learned. And yes ours is pulling from basement air as well, so that might cause even more trouble.
Would love to participate!
gfricke wrote:Beck, I'm only speaking for me, I'm sure others can chime in. I am only right now a 2 man shop, many others on here are much larger than I, so I am no means a big fish. As the demand for my services grew, the writing on the wall became apparent. You have 2 options, either turn away work/referrals, or grow. Turning away people wanting to hand me money was not appealing, so I hired an assistant and trained to do the small things that take up time. The transition itself wasn't hard as much as finding the right person. Once you go that route, you're adding yet another USP to your repertoire, that of time savings. We can typically do a standard size house on slab here in about an hour, with 30 minutes to do the walkthrough/payment/Q&A. Thursday we did 5 inspections as a 2 man team. You can't get that efficiency with 1 person. I'd say after I made the switch in January, my business grew 25-30% instantly when people saw it in motion.

Would love to know more about how you are running this and also what inspection program you're using..... thanks!
We have tried to move to a multi inspector firm several times, and have yet to get it up and running successfully.... looking forward to picking someones brain about this. Perhaps we are going about it the wrong way. We have been members of Ken Comptons organization since 2007 and still are, hated to see the main workshop we needed was the same weekend as the Power Conference. Looking forward to seeing what the Power Conference has in store for us.
Love the VW and several others
jtroth wrote:I sometimes will take a picture from the roof top of the neighborhood and label that image "Your Neighborhood" or if the image is of the nice backyard label it "Your backyard" I never thought of offering these to agents. If I was doing a pre listing inspection then I believe it would be easier to offer those images because they can be used in the marketing of that home. When the home is in process of being bought then I doubt the usefulness of those images are as high.

thought anyone?

Here's a way I would use a neighborhood picture. Say you do a lot of homes in a certain neighborhood or you find yourself in a neighborhood all the time and the agent wants to do a blog post or an SEO rich page for that neighborhood. Pictures of the entrance, aminities, and flowers if it is beautiful streets, even neighborhood street signs and a variety of homes in the neighborhood could be used to create a neighborhood video to be used over and over again. What's your thoughts on that idea?

Here's another way I use video http://youtu.be/WZWJ101R6C8?list=UUOMlUf-nTA_9q6Rf1MNKgQg
On the buying side, sometimes I don't have a great photo of the front of the home that I have a right to use. If my home inspector takes the picture of the home and gives it to me, I can then do "Just Sold" postcards to the neighborhood and pick up listings in the neighborhood that I want to work because I did just sell the home to my buyers. That is just one way I just used mine.
As an active real estate agent in North Atlanta area, I often look for and use pictures for blogging purposes to build my SEO. As home inspectors you're in different neighborhoods and areas all the time. Have you thought about taking and sharing some of the great photos of neighborhoods and homes with your top agents for marketing purposes. For instance I just did this blog post at http://northatlantarealestatesite.com/blog/Home+For+Sale+In+Harrison+School+District+In+Cobb+County+In+Brookstone+Neighborhood+Now+UNDER+CONTRA
Would love to have other pictures to put into the blog post to help find more buyers for the area.

Hint If you take pictures to share with your agent for marketing purposes, make sure they are not dated. We don't want our material to appear out dated.

What other ways can you think of that your pictures could be used by your top agents?
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