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Messages posted by: gbell
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Gerry Beaumont was instrumental in having that in the statue.
I inspected the home of the man in charge of recovering that rocket last week. He said that they were going to get it right this time. Hard to believe that we can land a rocket on a boat in the ocean.
Carlpennick wrote:No one done more for this industry then the late great Gerry Beaumont and I was proud to call him a friend.

I second that. He was the start and driving force of online education at NACHI.
Entry number 2.
I have never had so many labs call or email me in one day. They were all trying to beat the other deal.
William Chandler wrote:Didn't know you did monthly billing. New inspectors who may need to build credit for their business (as in DnB profile) could use this as a credit reference (providing you pay on time!).

As good as you are, PNT, sometimes you forget the other little benefits like RC will pay for appliance repair if the recall has expired. You should hire me - you forget too much.

Yes and the lab owner with a 9 figure net worth does prepay.
Welcome to the forum.
Sounds like a great offer.
Ditto to what everyone else said.
I just finished a crawl were I was thinking about your crawlbot Nathan. It would have come in handy. I just barely fit. There was one area that I could not get to.
Nathan wrote:Great website Greg. You're reinventing yourself brilliantly, and you've found resources from multiple sources to fit your model.

Here's the thread I'm waiting for: "Greg Bell hires 10th home inspector"

Thanks Nathan.

I am looking forward to that thread also.

A big thanks to Glenn, his web site was my inspiration.
Pete Campbell wrote:Greg, approx 40% of my inspections have at least one recall.

Yes, that is 4x the RC proclaimed 'normal'.

Keep submitting them and telling people about them.

One thing, you did not tie together how the recall led to the presentation. Or, maybe I misunderstood. You don't get the RC report until after the inspection.

Hi Pete,

They were different inspections. The presentation came from the end of the first inspection where I ever used Recall Check and the other items.
Thanks Dom!!

You have always been a pleasure to work with.

Take care.
The first time I used the services the listing and buyers agent were there for the end. I made a big deal about the client being the first one that I had ever used the services for. I went through and explained all of them and what they offered. The buyer really liked the sewer guard since he had experienced a back up right after moving into their last house. The listing agent commented about what was offered, but you really don't know if they are sincere or not.
The next day the buyers agent called and told me that I had really impressed the listing agent and that he was a heavy hitter in the office. She wanted to know if I would come in and give a presentation about what I offered. Of course I said yes.

After getting off the phone I looked up the agency to see how big they are. They are a Winter Park agency with over 160 agents. I have never had that happen in all of the years of doing inspections. I just hope that my marketing materials are ready before the presentation.

I am looking forward to big things happening next year.
First in two weeks.
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