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Messages posted by: Bill Van Damme
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Thanks Mike
I was reading wall partition in the code books thats why I asked

Thanks Again
Flexible gas range appliance connector thru cabinet wall. Not acceptable correct?
Thanks Mike your comments are just what I did. When I asked the seller if the work was permitted of course the answer was yes. It wasn't only the electrical I had 3 pages in my summary. Just can't believe some of the things people do.
Thanks again for the feed back.
OK Question #1 I know neutrals and ground in sub panel need to be separated. The main on this house today was old pull fuse on the main and a 3 wire feed running to a added sub panel in the home. Ground and neutral on the same bus bar. Is there some logical reason they did not separate the neutrals and ground? Should they have run a 4 wire feed to the sub panel? Question #2 Would any of you fellas have pulled the main fuse breaker to identify the service fuse breaker size?
The electrical system ground is usually bonded to the cold water supply system in residential structures. However , there was no grounding "Bridge" or "jumper " across to the hot water discharge piping at the water heater as is current trade practice in this area. A bond jumper is generally recommended but not always required, depending on the guidelines of the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) at the time water heater was installed. We recommend that a competent , licensed electrician install an appropriate bonding jumper.

I also put a picture in the report of the existing water lines above the water heater and another picture I have in file that shows what a properly installed bond jumper looks like.
Thanks Mike! That is exactly what I did.
Thanks for the reply Andy!
It terminates about 4 foot up the exterior wall
Ran across this today under a bath sink. Never seen one before. Only markings on it are EP made in England. Has anyone seen one before or have any info on it?
Some insight needed. Why would they have installed this in the toilet waste line? 1/2 inch PVC directed to outside. [img]
It is being talked about on the Linkedin Group Internachi Forum. I did not say my clients are getting emails. And thank you Nathan for reassuring me.
I have been using Recall Check for a few years now. I like offering this product to my clients. But I keep hearing this quite often lately.
(The one downside is that RecallCheck sells your clients contact info to other companies. They can expect spam attacks for years to come.) Nathan can you comment on this and reassure me this is not a fact.
Ok I have a home built in 1948. Overhead wires coming in at rear of home. Small panel under meter has two breakers 40 amp on the right is listed as house and 50 amp on the right is listed as stove. In the garage I have a sub panel with a 100 amp main breaker but breaker at main still making 40 amp service. The garage panel is still a sub panel in my thinking so shouldn't the grounds and neutrals be separated? or am I missing something? I also noted the double tap
Thank you for the Responce. I double checked the property date and it is 1963. This was in San Bruno Scott. Guess the builder had a overstock of Knob and Tube material to get rid of.
When did they stop using Knob and tube wiring?? Did inspection on house built in 1963 yesterday. Knob and tube in attic. Just for my own information.
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