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What is a Home Inspection?
random exhaust fans in basement? / is a 1880 rebuilt home a smart buy?  XML
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Joined: 11/17/2020 08:23 PM EST
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So we were looking at homes. Found a very appealing house with a abnormally large amount of property for our town in that price range.
At first glance the front of the house is just " wow " and the amount of property is hard to look away, very unique home.

It was built in 1880, ( listed as so in the listing) the rebuilt the home in 2000.
They kept/ built on parts of the old stone foundation, and left one wall up.
As there agent mentioned right upon greeting us. So it was listed as a remodel, taxes didn't go up.
in the basement you can see the old stone foundation, all was painted white/ coated ( yes worst thing to do) some spots yellow, and visible bumps or pockets about to chip off.
French drains all around basement, Sump pump where i hear constant drips
A large de humidifier system sitting on floor as well
i believe part of the house, or added on part was added on a new foundation

I also saw two bathroom exhaust fans hooked up, one sits in the ceiling in the middle of the basement, where a carpeted sitting area is, i believe but not sure exhausts out to the one mechanical closet room where sump pump, water main water heater are but im not too sure.
the other was very random, at one end of the basement there are stairs that go up and outside to the yard, halfway up the steps toward the door, on the wall is a exhaust fan sucking air from hall way and looked like it either went out to the mechanical room behind it or outside couldn't follow the small duct

So, obviously had water issues in basement , old foundation ( 1880) added french drains. Using Dehumidifiers and exhaust fans.

Why the exhaust fans? esp one by the door way out sucking air in? besides humidity, mold prevention etc
i had asked if the home had a radon system installed i didn't get a straight answer and definitely didn't see one my self

Second part to this topic ,Is this in fact a smart buy? We love the house, the front is real nice, the two floors upstairs is top notch and is only one of three houses in the town with that kind of unheard huge property.
Considering it sits on a 140 year old foundation on some parts, will be listed as such 50 years from now built in 1880.
The foundation, and signs in the basement worry me a bit
Granted the older owners look to keep the home very well maintained, and inspectors / engineers should of oversaw and signed off this home to be structurally sound.

Appreciate in advance all your professional advice, comments, and outlook on this all

Mike Casey

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Location: San Diego CA

Its almost impossible to make diagnoses and recommendations based solely upon text, and we don't know the location, climate or soil conditions, etc. As you say, the house is old and that won't change. I would say never expect any basement to be waterproof. Hard to say why the exhaust fans, but I would expect you are correct, the provide air flow throuh the basement. If you are really interested best action would be to hire an experienced inspector to review the property with you.

Mike Casey
Director of Education
Home Inspection University
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