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What is a Home Inspection?
Gate valve on gas line  XML
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Pop Tart

Joined: 12/20/2017 02:01 PM EST
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Location: Newburgh, IN

Older homes may have a gate valve on the gas line coming in, that likely met standards when built. Are there any concerns regarding them? I did a google search to see and didn't find anything. My concern is there's no visible defect when observed but as you know, with older valves, the first time you use them is the last time in many cases, if it works at all.

Also, in my area, southwest Indiana, copper gas are present but no longer allowed and we write them up. Would this fall into this category? I'm thinking sulfur, a little H2O is no good for a gas line.

They sell [/url]https://www.jmesales.com/smith-cooper-brass-200-wog-full-port-gate-valve-threaded-or-sweat-4-threaded/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMItpnmluHA2AIV27XACh22OQX_EAQYBCABEgKIAPD_BwE[url] here, brass WOG valves, but just because you can doesn't mean you should in each case.
Mike Casey

Joined: 06/28/2014 07:21 PM EDT
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Location: San Diego CA


As for gate valves in gas piping, if WOG rated I don't see an issue. Certainly gate valves are notorious for failing in water pipes due to corrosion and the gate falls off the stem, however, with gas there is not nearly as much corrosion; mostly that would be outside source. So gates in gas pipe tend to last quite a long time. However, as with any valve, HIs are not required to test them, and any valve could fail at any time.

Copper gas tubing is still allowed in the UPC and IRC; just some jurisdictions don't allow it. Nearly all supply gas now is low to no Sulphur so I don't see an issue other than labeling them as fuel gas so not mistaken for water. In some cases I've seen the copper deteriorate when really old (say 50+ years) so a warning the fuel supply piping is old and may require repairs at any time is a good idea. The older copper was subject to fuel gas not as sanitized as delivered now.


Mike Casey
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