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What is a Home Inspection?
Dear Huffington Post: Employers don't just see "higher cost" in new overtime regs.  XML
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Trump could roll back overtime for salaried employees, and that would be a good thing (I explain below) - follow this link for story from the Huffington Post first.


Let me summarize a law that goes into effect December 1st and I will use round numbers:

If you're on salary and you make less than $48,000 a year, you will be eligible for overtime, and if you work overtime your employer will be required to pay you time and a half for any hours in a given week over 40 hours.

For some this sounds great, feels good, looks good on paper. However...it does more harm than good. Does it hurt employers? Not really. Not as much as they think it will. Does it hurt employees? Absolutely.

Let's say you are beginning your career in the $10 an hour range- or even $13 or more. Traditionally you start off in an hourly position and then move to salary when you have responsibilities that might go outside of a standard schedule when you go beyond what I would call "process work". The graduation to salary or "exempt" has been a stepping stone to the corner office for decades but no longer. Now employers will be hesitant to grant such status when they know you basically have a minimum salary on weeks you work 30 hours and you get to bill time and a half the next week when you work 42.

Let's say you're close to the $48k a year cut off. Well guess what? You just got a raise! Get ready for 60 hour work weeks for that extra $1000 a year because we sure as hell want to make sure the $35k a year guy down the hall clocks out promptly at 5 pm. I'm not saying this is how I think...but we gave a handful of employees that raise this week just in case.

And all of you making over $48k in a position historically to mentor those making less, abuse them a little bit but give them the experience to make them worth the $48k and beyond? Forget about it. Work the long hours yourselves.

I realize it seems cynical but I'm just telling you as a midsize employer, this is the reality we live with. If my margins were thinner I may have been forced to make some very cruel changes with this legislation. My employees lucked out- many won't.
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