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What is a Home Inspection?
General Terms Used in the Plumbing Profession  XML
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Michael Altizer

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General Terms Used in the Plumbing Profession

Aboveground Rough-in
The second phase of a plumbing project. During this phase, holes are cut in walls, ceilings, and floors for supply and waste pipes to be attached or hung so they can be connected to fixtures. It is also referred to as stack-out and top-out.

Accessories or apparatus

A man-made channel used to carry water

The flow of contaminated water into the freshwater system resulting from cross-connection between potable and non-potable water systems.

Backflow Preventer
A device that prevents non-potable water from entering a potable supply system.

A heavy, greenish-yellow gas used as disinfectant in water treatment. (Chlorine should be handled only when wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.)

A requirement published by state and local government to establish minimum standards for various types of construction. A code carries the force of law.

An arrangement between a potable water system and non-potable water system in which an accidental pressure differential between the two systems causes backflow of contaminated water into the freshwater system.

The process of destroying harmful organisms in potable water.

Drain, Waste, and Vent (DWV)
A piping system that combines sanitary drainage with venting.

The process of cleaning water to remove particles and chemicals.

The third phase of a plumbing project. During the finish phase, plumbers install fixtures, appliances, water purification systems, water heaters, and controls. It is also referred to as trim finish.

A device that receives water from a water supply line. Common fixtures include sinks, shower stalls, and toilets.

Journey Plumber
A plumber who has successfully completed an apprenticeship training program.

Model Code
A construction ordinance written by a national construction organization according to suggested national plumbing standards.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) stands for field experience used in conjunction with classroom lessons.

Latin word for lead.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a thermoplastic material frequently used in tubing for cold water system. It is the first type of plastic approved for use in plumbing.

Water that is safe for cooking and drinking.

The process of removing magnesium and sodium salts that cause scale inside pipes and fittings.

A plastic material used in plumbing and sanitary systems that is soft and pliable when heated and hard and rigid when cooled.

A plastic material used in plumbing and sanitary systems that becomes substantially infusible and insoluble when treated by heat or chemical.
The phase of a plumbing project during which the plumber locates all supply and waste connections from the building systems to public utilities, and establishes where these system will enter or leave the buildings.
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