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What is a Home Inspection?
Mapping the wiring and plumbing in an old house  XML
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Rolling Stone

Joined: 01/22/2018 07:09 AM EST
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Hello All,

I'm a new member here and would appreciate a little advice.My old house has three floors and under the floorboards and within the walls there is a maze of wiring and plumbing. I want to map this out using SketchUp so that I can afterwards identify individual floorboards and joists and know where the cables, junctions, pipes, light fittings etc are beneath and between them. I've played around a little with SketchUp and can produce simple models, but if anyone can point out examples where this has been done or give any suggestions I'd be grateful.

Please help

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Dan Howard
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So .....why not use a piece of paper and pen to do the mapping? Thirty five years ago, when we moved into the home that we raised our family of 6 children in, I completely replaced wiring, plumbing, heating. I added speaker, cable and phone wire into each of 14 rooms. I THOUGHT I was smart enough to remember all of the locations of all of the mechanicals I ran. I was a brilliant young man ...how could I forget?

Fast forward...35 years.....beats me how I hid all of those pipes, cable and wires.....boy i was good at hiding them.

Get out a pad and pencil....room by room write it up with hand sketches....save yourself from a learning curve of learning the technology. By the time you need it, whatever media you use will be out of date. .......don't believe me? If I had done it 35 years ago, it would have been on 5" floppies (look up what those were on Wikipedia)

Paper? Pen? its still all good.
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